Monday, November 8, 2010

Beck - Live in L.A. 1997 (Opening For Bob Dylan)

Been a long time since I've posted, I know. Schoolwork, travels, and moving have prevented me from doing a decent job on this blog over the past few months. A friend emailed me and urged me to keep it up so here I am frantically trying to type a draft of a research paper on Alan Lomax and simultaneously posting this here gem.

I know we probably all have our share and favorites of early Beck material and this one is probably available elsewhere online but I couldn't help myself after this came on shuffle about a half hour ago. I think I got this from a friend whose ex bought a bunch of early Beck bootlegged CD-R's (Banjo Story, Golden Harvest, etc.) off ebay some years ago and this was in the lot. It was so great to hear Beck go back to his acoustic roots for this show opening for Bob Dylan in 97, right around the success of Odelay's big band approach. There are versions of songs from the yet-to-be-released "Mutations" on here but the real treasures for me are the songs from "One Foot In The Grave" and the Jimmie Rodgers cover. Found the photo online. Is that really Beck? Here's the song list:

1. Intro
2. Waiting For A Train
3. Lampshade
4. Cold Brains
5. Girl Dreams
6. Sing It Again
7. Leave Me On the Moon
8. One Foot in the Grave
9. Dead Melodies
10. Rowboat
11. Little Sparrow
12. Nobody's Fault But My Own
13. He's a Mighty Good Leader
14. I Get Lonesome

I've got some more vinyl and cassette rips coming up soon...

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