Thursday, December 13, 2012

NOGGINCRUSH - West Virginia

NOGGINCRUSH sounds pretty much like the name would imply.  These exclusively improvised workings of childhood friends Tim Stoops and Andy Herald come to you from the rural outpost of Anchor, Illinois.  The duo consists of Andy playing drums with one hand and keyboards with the other while Tim (Time Stops) navigates the realm of his subconscious to pull out some profound moments of lyrical genius.  Andy later overdubs some bass lines to glue it all together.  The result is a somewhat "krauty" juggernaut of a sound that feels like the wheels could fall off the whole thing at any given moment.  It can be a confusing listen to the untrained ear, but I think that is very telling of the cathartic mindset in which these gems are created. West Virginia is their "break-up album" if they ever had one, most obvious on the last song, Space Tether (personal favorite).  You can listen to more NOGGINCRUSH nuggets here:

Get crushed.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Estasy - S/T

I've been pretty obsessed with Estasy this last week after seeing a video post from How To Dress Well's twitter account.  I was able to track down a download of this at Bedroom Fantasia. I also ordered the tape of her(?) second album on Living Tapes and proves to be well worth the dough as well.  Estasy, from what I can tell hails from Italy.  She plays some seriously soothing folkish melodies sung in the high register and approach of what sounds like a 7 year old child virtuoso.  Each song usually features either acoustic guitar, warbled bird chirps, toy keyboards, pianos and the like to accompany these insanely beautiful and other-wordly vocal melodies.  All of these sounds are filtered through what I can only assume was a handheld tape recorder, ever increasing the innocent authenticity that this album executes and achieves unapologetically.  There are gorgeous forces at work inside of this artist and I feel lucky to have had this music come in to my life in the last week.  Below is a video for a song from this album.  Take the pill.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Demons - It's Golden Now

I was realizing how under-represented Paul Kim (aka 1/2 of Demons) is on this blog.  Another formidable pillar of the the Dekalb music scene in the aughts, he's been making sample based music for the better part of the last 5 years or so with fellow pillar, Sam Cholke, under the guise of Demons.  I'm not sure of their exact process(es) but Demons always achieves a completely natural-sounding approach to sampling records and creating beats on top of them.  This particular EP features Elena Haliczer (yet another Dekalb acquaintance of theirs, presumably) singing over top of old soul and R&B samples.  In a sense, it's almost as if they are creating brand new soul "standards" by using the very elements of the originals that made them standard in the first place.  This EP goes well with a gin and tonic whilst thinking of someone you love.  You can download this EP for free and many more Demons releases at their bandcamp.

Friday, August 24, 2012

There Stands the Glass

Also, this.  Thank you Ian Barnard.

Wild Heart

Thought I'd stray slightly from the typical Farm Formula today and post a couple videos.  I LOVE this video/version of this song so much.  It makes me so happy.  Seriously.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Audibledelusionsensemble - Winter's Weapons

This album is another in the long line of commendable free jazz efforts from my San Franciscan buddy, Matt Grothman (Wives, Vholtz, Woman's Worth...).  I don't recall the full story on the background of this album but I believe it was recorded live at Berkley and the music/band was put together specifically for that performance.  I found their take on electronic elements in approaching free/improvisational jazz to be most refreshing.  Combined with the organic familiarity of Matt's sax (I think he played sax, anyhow), piano, and live drumming, the result is an obscuring of worlds.  Not so much colliding as they are evolving together.  There are some pretty unique moments of noise-rock overlaps in to the jazz world here.  On "The Approach" it sounds as if the person manipulating the electronics has mic'd the drum kit and ran that source through an array of FX processing which creates a grinding and almost industrial soundscape, all the while the piano player plucks out a Monk-like melody to weave in and out of the chaos.  This is some serious "nu-jazz" that is not to be listened to lightly.  It's obvious this isn't just a bunch of kids screwing around with the elements of improv and jazz without understanding the roots.  The roots are evident on this recording while the improvisation seems to focus more on deconstructing those roots to an even more primal oblivion.  This is notably evident in the guitar work on the first track, "First Composition."  If you're a fan of Sun Ra or the Art Ensemble of Chicago, then this is probably up your alley.  Winter's coming.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

((Husband Material)) - 2012 Euro Bailout: An Audio Compilation

Well, I'm back from spending a month in Europe (mainly Spain, France, and Portugal) and I'm posting an audio compilation of iPhone recordings from my trip.  I came up with the moniker ((Husband Material)) while traveling and I think I'll be sticking with that one for a while now.  I wish I had recorded more of the trip, but my phone just didn't have the memory it needed at times.  A majority of the recordings are from one of the most amazing art/sound exhibits I've ever seen.  You can read more about it here.  There are a couple jams I did with new friends, street music, and field recordings.  I've included the places and people involved in each of the track titles.  Enjoy!  BAIL ME OUT.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

*e* - Zarkouwee

Ahhhh... another refreshing release from good friend *e*. Amazing voice. Amazing lyrics. Amazing songs. This particular release proves to be slightly more "hi-fi" and "band-oriented" than previous endeavors and, consequentially, is diverse as hell in style. From rock to instrumental keyboard loops to Velvets type drone pop, this CD is pretty different from other *e* releases. It seems like these songs might be a sort of collection of recordings from over the last year or two. I can personally attest as to when two of these songs were recorded since I played bass on them. *e* released a demo tape earlier this year called "Reverse the Negative" with an early version of "Aquarielle." I was quite pleased to hear this fantastic song reworked reworked for this album here. Zark.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Handmedown Satellites - Meanders Afoot

Handmedown Satellites is the moniker of the ongoing solo efforts of another Dekalbian friend of mine. He has a treasure trove of a blog called You're Sitting On It where you can find previous HMDS releases as well as many other gems. This latest release ventures into krauty synth territory. It's chalk full of extended digital hazes that build on themselves and develop uniquely organic rhythms that sound like they are about to shred the tape they were committed to in the first place. This is definitely one of my favorite HMDS releases thus far. The song "The Music Room" is a particular treat, invoking a repetitious drum machine loop with nothing but layers of gorgeous, tremolo-soaked melody dripped over the top. Swelling and soothing all at the same time. There are other moments on this album that almost feel pseudo-industrial, but ya know, in a good way. See the the song "Bite the Beat" to hear what I mean. The Meandering.