Friday, September 21, 2012

Estasy - S/T

I've been pretty obsessed with Estasy this last week after seeing a video post from How To Dress Well's twitter account.  I was able to track down a download of this at Bedroom Fantasia. I also ordered the tape of her(?) second album on Living Tapes and proves to be well worth the dough as well.  Estasy, from what I can tell hails from Italy.  She plays some seriously soothing folkish melodies sung in the high register and approach of what sounds like a 7 year old child virtuoso.  Each song usually features either acoustic guitar, warbled bird chirps, toy keyboards, pianos and the like to accompany these insanely beautiful and other-wordly vocal melodies.  All of these sounds are filtered through what I can only assume was a handheld tape recorder, ever increasing the innocent authenticity that this album executes and achieves unapologetically.  There are gorgeous forces at work inside of this artist and I feel lucky to have had this music come in to my life in the last week.  Below is a video for a song from this album.  Take the pill.

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