Thursday, December 13, 2012

NOGGINCRUSH - West Virginia

NOGGINCRUSH sounds pretty much like the name would imply.  These exclusively improvised workings of childhood friends Tim Stoops and Andy Herald come to you from the rural outpost of Anchor, Illinois.  The duo consists of Andy playing drums with one hand and keyboards with the other while Tim (Time Stops) navigates the realm of his subconscious to pull out some profound moments of lyrical genius.  Andy later overdubs some bass lines to glue it all together.  The result is a somewhat "krauty" juggernaut of a sound that feels like the wheels could fall off the whole thing at any given moment.  It can be a confusing listen to the untrained ear, but I think that is very telling of the cathartic mindset in which these gems are created. West Virginia is their "break-up album" if they ever had one, most obvious on the last song, Space Tether (personal favorite).  You can listen to more NOGGINCRUSH nuggets here:

Get crushed.

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