Monday, January 21, 2013

Walt Falbo - Digger's Demos Volume 2: The Lost Four Track Years

Round two from good 'ol Walt Falbo.  Walt expands his horizons on this release with the advent of keyboard usage and overdubs, presumably due to the discovery of the four track recorder for these sessions.  Here's the track list.  All songs by Walt Falbo except where otherwise indicated:

1. There Stands the Glass (Webb Pierce)
2. Everybody Let Up (The Apples In Stereo)
3. Quartermaster's Wintertime (Bill Fox)
4. One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong (Leonard Cohen)
5. Else (Built to Spill)
6. Gold Star For Robot Boy (Guided By Voices)
7. Camille (Bill Fay)
8. Watermelon Machine Gun (Leo Kottke) *note* Upon moving in with Walt earlier this month, he discovered in my collection the LP which this song was released.  When he was recording the Kottke song, it was all from memory and guessed at the name of the song.  The ACTUAL song he recorded here was The Fisherman, but we'll leave it as it is on the liner notes.
9. Red Shoes (Elvis Costello)
10. Ingrid Bergman (Guthrie/Bragg)
11. The Piano Has Been Drinking (Tom Waits)
12. There's a Place (The Beatles)
13. The Boxer (Simon & Garfunkel)

Download here.

***Just noticed I imported the GBV song as Gold Star for ROCKET Boy rather than ROBOT Boy.  Please make the appropriate corrections after you download.  Sorry all!***

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