Saturday, January 26, 2013

Paul Yarn Bunkbeds - soft slacks=sweatpants

I've been wanting to post this tape for ages now and finally pulled out the digitized files from the vaults of my hard drive.  This warped lo-fi "folk" duo comes from two of the most interesting and inspiring people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Bryan and Lindsey made some of the most honest and unpretentious music I've ever witnessed.  The couple have an amazing(ly) cute dynamic that exists in real life as much as it does in their music that makes one long for the type of relationship that reaches a level of telepathic understanding that is rarely achieved these days. 

I lived above Bryan in an apartment building in Logan Square back in 2004  or 2005.  We had an immediate common ground after he stopped over and saw a Bicycle Day CD and a slew of other Scratch and Sniff Records swag strewn about as I had just received a lovely care package from Mark Nichols (see the Meanders Afoot post for Mark's music).  Turned out that Bryan and Mark were childhood friends and he was quite familiar with the Dekalb music scene that I was just discovering and falling head over heels for.  Bryan introduced the 21 year old me to a lot of neat things during the period I lived above him.  He was working at Intuit Gallery and recommended I see a show he booked there of the incredible jazz drummer Han Bennick.  Unforgettable performance.  He was also the first person to expose me to the Henry Darger phenomenon that was just being uncovered at the time he was working there.

I met Bryan's girlfriend Lindsey some time later and I was always a bit in awe of the level of intuitive communique they subscribed to as well as their shared interest in the weird (in a good way, of course.)  They just seemed like the penultimate example of a wholesome couple and their music is surely representative of that connection.  Paul Yarn Bunkbeds played a few living room shows over the next year or two (as well as the very first show at the infamous Treetop loft) before moving to Indiana and I always cherished the intimate gatherings in which they performed.  The song "3s come and go" made me so happy and I always requested it when they played.  Anyhow, enough of the personal ranting here.  This is the call.

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