Tuesday, April 3, 2012

*e* - Zarkouwee

Ahhhh... another refreshing release from good friend *e*. Amazing voice. Amazing lyrics. Amazing songs. This particular release proves to be slightly more "hi-fi" and "band-oriented" than previous endeavors and, consequentially, is diverse as hell in style. From rock to instrumental keyboard loops to Velvets type drone pop, this CD is pretty different from other *e* releases. It seems like these songs might be a sort of collection of recordings from over the last year or two. I can personally attest as to when two of these songs were recorded since I played bass on them. *e* released a demo tape earlier this year called "Reverse the Negative" with an early version of "Aquarielle." I was quite pleased to hear this fantastic song reworked reworked for this album here. Zark.

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