Friday, March 18, 2011

We Shave - In The Flesh

We Shave is spearheaded by Memphis resident, Brendan Spengler. Twisting experimental pop and psychedelia here, Brendan manages to achieve a completely listenable and addicting album. When I first bought this tape, I just kept flipping it over and over for a couple weeks straight. I've never heard an artist tackle covers of Faust, Harry Nilsson, and Wagner all on the same album and execute them all with a stunning sense of originality. This is one of my favorite Night People releases and consequently one of my favorite albums from 2010. Here's what Sean Reed of Night People says about it:

"tinged with outsider garage rock and velvets leaning noisy rhythm zones with a bit of Eno esque dream sound. In the Flesh is good for all moods, all times of day, and all zones from city to country road."

buy the tape here.

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