Saturday, March 9, 2013

TV Peanut - TV Peanut

Ryan Green is what I would refer to as a "Dekalb All-Star" (term courtesy of Mayilu and/or Danielle).  His roster list of bands he's been is quite impressive: The Oracles, the rock version of Handmedown Satellites, Siseeouiweed, Things Falling Apart, Nancy Drew Ghost Parade (I think?), Little Headhunter, Della Drive and the Dellettes, pretty much every band that has played the Dekalb Scrambler in the last 10 years and probably a million other things I am forgetting.  Ryan's main axe is piano.  I have known few other musicians capable of holding their own on that instrument the way Ryan does.  He is also an incredibly tasteful drummer to boot.

This release is a hard to find rarity (from what I hear) recorded sometime in the early aughts.  I think it showcases Green's obvious knack for keyboard composition.  I will post what he wrote me when I asked permission to share this album here:

"It's all keyboard sounds including the drums, midi data "recorded" to a floppy disc and played back through my alesis synth with different sounds assigned to different midi channels. weird ass custom digital reverb and distortion also programmed on the keyboard. 
the only songs that aren't that setup are 3 and 11 which were ripped from VHS camcorder tapes of the 24 hour garage sale at the purple house in i think 2003, i had my keyboard set up in the back yard. drums on 11 are jon wolff."

Here for your listening pleasure, TV Peanut.

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