Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Metroids - The Mad Titan

Another quintessential Dekalbian project. It's hard for me to describe the Metroids. It's definitely quirky pop music of sorts that may enter in to, dare i say, "new wave" territory (i use the term "new wave" for lack of a better word). It's definitely energetic and largely synth-based. Gary Butterfield, Nat Kundanis-Grow, and Andy Herald were the masterminds behind this band which is now defunct, sadly. It was really nice to get this cd-r (released on Bad Elk Records) a few weeks back and hear some great songs that these guys played live but i had never heard on recording, "W For Tungsten" comes to mind. i think one of the main things that impressed me most about this band was the way the chord progressions were structured. i guess i mean to say that listening to them challenged the way i thought of typical phrasing and progressions yet they maintained an accessible and fun flavor to it all. If you like the recording, please support the artist and buy it from the link to Bad Elk Records, posted above. i'll bet it's pretty cheap. Get Mad, Titan.

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