Saturday, September 10, 2011

Frank Budgen-The Legend Of Frank Budgen: Vol. 1

Finally digitizing some vinyl. This is one of my favorite records that I own. I cannot write a better description that what is on the back of the record jacket. Read this now.

From a one page manifesto entitled "Moon Shine Man" written by Budgen contained in the booklet:

"I lit the fuse and ran, and those skeptics caught up quick. I don't know if they'll be with me next year but that's their prerogative. I been livin' on a mud puddle for a thousand years. I don't change. A snake does what a snake does and a shithouse dynamiter... ain't much different than a snake. He can slither and he can lay an ambush. If civilized America wants to stop this thing they've gotta stop ten million years. I don't think they've got the brass. And I'm here to say, some of us are always gonna blow up the shithouse, whatever it is. That's what we're here to do.

I've been in the desert all my life. The sun knows something and it sunk in to me. I ain't from Europe. I ain't from New York. I ain't even from New Mexico. I'm from the rocks. The sand. The sun. The moon. The hot springs. The world. The stars.

Not everyone around here has lost their sensibilities. Just most."

Try the mystics.

Buy the farm.

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