Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ross Goldstein-Trail Songs

This fantastic LP was also released on Specific Recordings along with the previously posted Frank Budgen. My friend Nick ordered the Frank Budgen LP and this one came with the order, free of charge. It was a quite a surprising listen and is some of the most uniquely composed pop music I've come across, hitting the red on the "weird" end of the pop spectrum. From

About “Trail Songs” by Ross Goldstein.

“Trail Songs” is a psycho-linguistic roadtrip through the topography of American bubble gum music. Ross’ poetically counter-jingoistic lyrics serve as giant, colorful billboards on a highway of beautiful, infectious melodies.

About Ross Goldstein.

Ross Goldstein is an American Musician and Artist/Photographer. His “United States of Belt” recording project is a subliminal exploration of the American landscape/mindscape, combining field recordings, experimental music, and studio magic. Goldstein resides in Troy, NY where his collection of hand-painted signs play a vital role in keeping the public bewildered about what the hell is going on.

I wish I still had a scanner to post pictures of the inside gatefold artwork. It's basically the same picture as the Sgt. Pepper's gatefold with a load of tripped-out crazy-colorful collage work plastered all over the original picture.

Take the ride.

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