Wednesday, April 21, 2010

icarus syndrome-lord calverts cave

Well, here i am jumping on the blogwagon. My intentions with this blog are mainly to post music that i haven't been able to find elsewhere in the blogosphere. i will begin with a rip of one of my favorite recordings of all time, no lie. icarus syndrome's "Lord Calverts Cave," released on the cassette label, Rugburn Records, in the summer of 2006. i find myself coming back to this recording time and time again, never tiring of it's haunting tones. A bit of a back story of what this album means to me:

Andy gave me this cassette in conjunction with Vondervotteimittis (which can be found here) that fateful summer. The boys and i had been digging the sounds for a few weeks at the old Treehouse on Barry St. in Chicago. i especially took a liking to it and seemed to be primordially drawn to the incessant beautiful drone tones. Brandon and i took a stroll to the local liquor store around this time to peruse the whiskey. On the bottom shelf we noticed one called "Lord Calvert". "Holy Shit!", i exclaimed, "this must be what Andy's album is referring to!" Neither of us was familiar with the Lord at that point. We picked up a handle and headed home. The rest of the night got kind of blurry for me. There are strange mystic properties at work in Lord Calvert whiskey that none of us were expecting. It was a different KIND of drunk for all of us, i think. Things were very intense, loud, and primal. The last thing i remember clearly was Dave beating on the stove with a screwdriver to the beat of a Black Sabbath song. i remember feeling a strange introspectiveness magnified like never before on other whiskies while still maintaing a social character. When i came to in the morning, i was face down on the couch with my head hanging over the side staring at a pile of my own drool. Dave informed me that later in the night i not only opened up to him and cried on his shoulder but that i slipped and gave my head a crack sometime in the course of the night. i remember none of this. The rest of the guys had similar experiences of their own pertaining to the force of which the Lord cast his will upon them. The profound and almost ethereal onslaught of opaque epiphanies that this whiskey brought me immediately made sense in the context of Andy's tape. Since then, the Lord has been present at countless nights of intense truth searching with close friends, naked camping trips, the craziest of Sinners' shows, and more. Andy later made a trio of songs dedicated to Lord Calvert on his October Cassette album, concluding with one titled "The Retirement of Calvert." i've said it before and i will say it again; getting hammered on this whiskey (not just drunk, but HAMMERED) is like looking in to the depths of the human soul with all its beauty and ugliness congealing as one undeniable truth.

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  1. Whiskey, what I'm drinking now, and will still be drinking later!