Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Things Falling Apart-Disintegrating!

TFA had a particular sound that would sort of integrate itself in to my brain processes while seeing them play live. Everything about that band just felt natural; from how they played together as a group to how the sounds came and went at just the right times and allowed your mind to breathe. This instrumental epic post-rock masterpiece is their third and final full length (i guess it would be their fourth if you count Bob's first solo album under the same name). The band went through a few line up shuffles over the years and i was always impressed at how well their sound adapted to these changes. i had the honor to play with TFA at their last show ever in August of 2009. It was such a memorable experience for so many reasons, but mainly it was just great to finally partake in this music that just seemed to feel so natural in the first place. Hailing from Dekalb, IL, this is yet another in a long list of truly amazing bands/musicians from that town. i heard they got big in Japan.


  1. thanks matt.
    it was great having you play with us.
    hopefully we'll have the recording/film of the august show finished someday.


  2. i hope so! i would really like to hear that recording...