Friday, April 23, 2010

Willow Folk Festival 2006 - Stage Performances

Willow Folk Festival is a down home cornfield folkztravaganza that takes place in northern Illinois near where i grew up. It is a strongly rooted yearly tradition for a lot of the attendees, including myself. It is a two day event that allows people to camp in the cow pasture across from the church for which the festival raises money. A hay bale wagon is positioned as a make shift stage that is open for performances during the day. At night, numerous fireside jam sessions occur until wee hours of the morning between peoples of all different ages, backgrounds, and musical ability. In 2006, i started bringing my handheld tape recorder to document the commencement of amazing peoples and amazing musics. I have countless cassettes chronicling the last 4 years (except 2008 when my recorder was rained on) and have been meaning to digitize and organize the recordings in some sort of fashion. So here, for your listening pleasure, is the first of many volumes of my Willow tape recordings. This batch is solely performances from the stage during saturday and sunday as opposed to the more rawkus campfire jams (soon to come). I don't know the name of EVERY artist or song so i just left everything labeled as "various artists." This compilation is by no means ALL of the performers from that year, but mainly my favorites of the lot. Plus i wouldn't have enough tape to record EVERYBODY that plays. Folk it up.